Intuit uses Glance for remote screen-sharing with customers.

The application starts with a small box that shows a code.

You must provide this code to an Intuit representative over the phone.

Then, the software will begin to download.

Once you have the program, you can begin using it.

Intuit uses Glance for remote screen-sharing

Intuit uses Glance to offer remote screen-sharing services for its QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect products.

This technology helps QuickBooks customers communicate with support agents from any location.

It allows agents to view a user’s screen and resolve issues in minutes.

The service works well with remote workers, but it can be a little frustrating during busy work hours.

Intuit agents are highly trained to deal with technical issues, and using Glance can make it easier to help a customer.

Companies can also use Glance’s call center to let employees see each other’s screens, which is useful when hosting remote meetings.

Intuit is a California-based company that offers tax, accounting, and personal finance software.

Its headquarters are in Mountain View.

The company’s software products include QuickBooks and TurboTax. It also offers a free personal finance app called MINT.

Glance Networks launched its co-browsing service in 2013, and Intuit uses the tool to enhance customer support.

The company launched the remote screen-sharing service with Glance, which is a software company that has partnered with Intuit to provide QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect professional tax software support.

Its technology enables remote screen-sharing, Co-browsing, and mobile app sharing.

The software also lets agents share videos with customers.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, you can install it by double-clicking the.exe file located in the downloads folder.

If you do not see the installer on your desktop, you can download it from the Glance website.

It will be installed on your computer.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen to keep your screen-sharing session secure.


The installation of software is a relatively simple procedure.

Once you download the application from the Glance website, you should double-click the.exe file to start the installation process.

Be sure to select the correct folder to install the software to. The application will not appear on your desktop or in your list of files until the installation is complete.

Once the installation process has finished, you can go ahead and use the application to make connections with clients.

You can also use it to troubleshoot technical issues and resolve client problems.

This software can be downloaded free of charge and can be used with other call center tools.

If you’re unable to find the download file, you can try using another web browser, but make sure that you’re running an ad-blocker or malware blocker.


The Glance software allows you to hold consultations with customers without having to meet them face-to-face.

With the use of dynamic video demos and shared buying experiences, you can better engage with your customers and potentially close more deals.

The software also integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide unparalleled insights into sales activity and the measurable impact of sales receipts.

Once you have installed the application, you’ll need to connect the software to your client’s devices.

Once connected, you can fix any technical problems that they might be experiencing.

This software allows you to connect to your clients over the web or audio and is completely free.

However, the program does not support voice-over IP, but it does support other communication protocols.

It also works with many call center tools.

Another benefit of the software is that it enables you to share your desktop with others.

You can even screen share with your coworkers and clients from anywhere in the world.

And once you’re done with it, you can even remove the software from your computer.

With a download, you’ll be able to share your desktop with people who are not online.

If you need to contact an agent or receive help for QuickBooks, you can use the Glance Intuit screen-sharing software.

This software helps you share your screen with an agent who can solve the problem faster.

It makes the process feel like you’re working with the agent face-to-face. With this application, you can screen-share with agents using QuickBooks Online or Intuit ProConnect.

The agent will see your screen and will take over to help you.

The installation process of GlanceIntuit software is as easy as installing any other program on your computer.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, simply double-click the.exe file in your downloads folder.

After that, the software will begin the installation.

It won’t show up on your desktop or in your file list, but it will be installed.

Call center

If you are a call center manager and are looking to download Glance, you’ve come to the right place.

This software helps you connect your devices with clients to solve technical problems.

Though it does not support Voice over IP, it works well with the audio.

It is free to download.

The Glance software is easy to use and is compatible with all platforms.

It can be integrated with existing CRM and contact center technology.

It provides a frictionless workflow and seamless user experience across desktop and mobile platforms.

It also offers instant in-app support so that agents can get help right away.

The company’s mission is to make doing business online easier and more personalized.

It has several integrations with other tools, including QuickBooks, Intuit Turbo Tax, and Constant Contact.

With this software, sales representatives can easily manage and track sales activity with ease. It is also compatible with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Intuit has also developed an application for QuickBooks users called Glance.

It helps QuickBooks users share their screens with Intuit Representatives, allowing them to get help right from their computers.

The software is easy to install and requires no download. It is also backed up and offers a free trial.

Glance Intuit also comes with a screen-sharing feature that can help users get faster resolutions.

It makes the process more visual, making it feel like the agent is actually there.

This software allows QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect users to share their screens with their agents.

With this, agents can see and take control of the user’s screen to help solve their issues.

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